Water Well FAQs

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Water Well FAQs

We are involved in all aspects of the drilling industry, with our focus being in water supply and geothermal. From a residential aspect, we drill domestic wells, wells for agricultural and irrigation usage, geothermal supply and return wells and geothermal loops.

We receive a lot of questions regarding having a well installed:

Can I get a well to supply water for my irrigation system?

While most homeowners are able to have a well installed for this purpose, it is still important to check with your Home Owners Association to see if they allow this. Irrigation wells allow you to pay once for an unlimited amount of use instead of paying for metered water to water your yard and landscaping.

Will drilling a well destroy my current landscaping?

Most of our irrigation wells are installed with our Clean Green Technology™ which means that when we leave, all that is left is the well head and the site is left very clean. Other wells, such as domestic wells and geothermal loops, are more intrusive. Because trenching is involved in installing these wells, some destruction to that area should be expected. We do leave the area with a rough grade so it is ready to receive topsoil and be seeded by you or your landscaper.

Why don't you return the area back to the way it was before you drilled?

The thing that we do best is drill! Since everyone has different expectations, it is important that the homeowner hire a landscaper of their choice to perform that service to those expectations. Weber Well Drilling has also found that we are able to offer a much more economic product by focusing on our specialty of drilling and leaving the landscaping to those who specialize in that.

What will my yard look like when you are done?

We believe it is so important for homeowners to understand all aspects of their project. In order to best do that, we have a picture gallery showing projects we have completed and what can be expected during various stages of the work.

Call Jennifer today and let her explain how we can make your project more successful!

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