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We Know You May Have Never Considered Geothermal...

but why not? We think you were led to believe that geothermal was too expensive to install.
Seriously, why would you even look into geothermal if you thought it was out of your reach? Or maybe
you know someone that had it installed and THEY paid too much.

Geothermal is an ancient technology. Thankfully, a bunch of really smart people got together
and were able to make this technology work to heat and cool our homes. So why do we keep hearing
about the high price tag?? TRUTH: Geothermal HVAC units and standard air-to-air units
are very close in price. The ONLY additional cost is the drilling, so don't get fooled!
The 30% Federal tax incentive covers the cost of the drilling, making the two systems very
equal in price. The additional monthly savings that you get with geothermal makes the
choice obvious, plus geothermal makes your home truly comfortable.

Is Geothermal Right For Me?

Whether you are building a new home or updating an old home, the installation
of a new heating and air system warrants looking into geothermal. Many people call
me wanting to understand it and trying to verify if geothermal is a good choice for them.
Geothermal will ALWAYS be a great choice in my mind for new construction, as a heating
and air system must be installed anyway. New construction allows for the drilling to take
place with no obvious destruction and the units can be placed in a pre-planned area within
the house or garage.

Retro-fitting a house with a geothermal system, though, can be a touchy little project.
The lawn and landscaping in many instances has long been established and many times that
landscaping also includes sentimental items for the homeowner. Drilling 4, 5 or 8 holes will
have a direct impact on the homeowners yard that cannot be avoided so this is one of the
first items we discuss.

Size of the yard is just as critical. Many beach homes take up the entire lot and prevent us
from sometimes even drilling 1 loop!

While Weber Well Drilling & Geothermal does not install the heating and air units themselves, unit
placement can be another challenge as an existing house may not have any space that
can be dedicated for this purpose.

Seriously, call us first....
We want you to be educated in the geothermal process and we offer flat rate
pricing that is the best on the Delmarva Peninsula. Why? Because each one of
us here at Weber Well Drilling & Geothermal is a homeowner just like you.
We know that even if you believe in and want to install geothermal, you also
need to know that you are paying the lowest price possible for the best system.

We will cut to the chase and tell you right now:
Of all the heating and air conditioning systems available, geothermal is the most affordable
and its efficiency makes your monthly costs a LOT lower than any other system on the market!
Look at the example below and you will see that after State and Federal tax incentives,
a geothermal installation just saves you money from the moment it is installed
throughout the lifetime of the system:

So now you have the truth and you have the power as an educated homeowner to make
a choice for your lifestyle that will add comfort and savings to your home...and
all you had to do was look!

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