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Live Geothermal Data!

We are pleased to share LIVE kWH usage and energy costs from a home in Ocean View, DE. This home has a 3 ton closed loop system that has been connected to a Web Energy Logger. The "WEL" is reading energy usage and converting it to costs based on actual per kWH charges for Delmarva Power. This will give you up-to-the-minute energy costs on a daily and monthly basis.

The unit is a single stage FHP package unit and is installed in a 1500 sq. ft home.

Please note: this WEL was installed and made live on September 14th, 2012, so the monthly costs for September are from that date. Starting in October, and for every month after, you will be able to view one complete month of energy usage and costs. We will be adding more data features as they become available!

Can I Expect the Same Results in My Home Too?

Keep in mind that although these are actual, real-time results showing the energy usage and costs of a geothermal system, it is imperative to remember that other factors are involved in determining final efficiency of heating and cooling your home, such as age of the home, envelope needs, thermostat level and personal usage.

This particular 32 year old home had geothermal installed over 4 years ago, and while the monthly savings were obvious, they became greater when the homeowners replaced original windows with high efficiency windows in the entire home and made insulation improvements. By tightening the home's envelope, the unit ran less therefore more monthly savings were realized. The homeowners also adjust the thermostat based on comfort and presence in the home during the day. So while we feel these are typical results based on all factors involved, your HVAC contractor can provide documentation to you of what to expect for YOUR home based on the particulars of your lifestyle.

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